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Boxlty Brings Innovation To York Real Estate

The way real estate has been sold has not changed drastically over the years. Yes, there have been additions like photos and listing on websites since the internet’s inception. Boxlty is bringing much-needed innovation to the real estate world.

It’s safe to say that most property deals are done with much involvement with buying and selling agents. There is also a lot of scheduling that must happen in order to see a property if you’re buying not to mention the traveling, especially those who have to travel long distances to see properties.

For example, the number of things one would have to line up to see a property out of state would be staggering. That may be a staggering example, but the convenience is there and that is where Boxlty comes in.

Boxlty is not your average real estate company. They strive on bringing the most innovative technologies to their clients. They use innovative technology like virtual reality to display a house. A houses entire floor plan would be able to be seen. One could go through a house as if they were in it.

“We want to lower the cost of buying and selling the property, even more, making it more efficient,” Al Romero when talking about what the patent could do for their clients.

Finding and using innovative technologies is not the only thing Boxlty does. From their own research, they have gotten some of their own technology patented. The tech they have patented could lead a pathway to a new way to buy, sell and rent real estate.

Boxlty’s technology would be the Amazon Key of real estate. Amazon Key is a service where those who have the service would be able to have their Amazon.com deliveries put inside their house. Basically, that person would give Amazon permission and access to enter their house.

“We want to lower the cost of buying and selling the property, even more, making it more efficient,” Al Romero when talking about what the patent could do for their clients.

With Boxlty’s upcoming tech people would be able to go to a showing of a house without a real estate agent even if it is being listed by a company, by Using a secure process including security cameras and special locks for the doors. This is huge.

For those who live in York County and would like to get more information head on over to Boxlty’s website, or can call them at 717-259-2277.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXv7oVtM2C0&w=560&h=315]

VIDEO: Al Romero explain the technologies they use and what their goal was by getting a patent.

Article Posted: 07/31/2021 12:37:20 PM

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