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Toy Trains Bring All Age Fun To The York Fair

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The York Fair brings many displays and exhibits to its nine-day fair. From dinosaurs to live animals, the York fair covers it all. Some people may not know that a popular part of the fair for both children and adults is the modular train exhibit.

Stillmeadow Crossing is a modular train group that has come to the fair the past five years. The group brings many trains sets in the two most common types, O-gauge and HO scale train models, one giant display of each.

The O-gauge exhibit measures a whopping 72 feet by 28 feet in an “L” shape. The HO layout first displayed in 2013 was only 12 feet by 6 feet in size. Now the layout is 14 feet by 16 feet in size. Both displays run about four train sets at the same time. One of the four actually switches between tracks. Lionel, the most famous modular train maker, has a great page explaining the differences between gauges.

Protection and longevity of the trains and the scenery is a priority and the group ensures damage free displaying by placing a plexiglass shield around the exhibit.

Currently, these modular displays are only set up for events like the York Fair and Christmas Magic at Rocky Ridge County Park. They are accepting donations to help find a facility to display the sets complete year-round between events.

The group formed back in 2009 and are currently accepting new members. Anyone with interest can join 5 for a new module, scenery customization of that module would be left up to the new member. Transportation of the modular is left on the responsibility of the member as well.

To join, contact the Stillmeadow Crossing Modular Train Group by email at stillmeadowcrossing@yahoo.com. For more content, check out some of their photos of their layout by heading on over to their Facebook page. Most of their content is displayed there.

Article Posted: 07/31/2021 12:36:12 PM

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