Coinbase Opens Asset Application Looking For Next Ethereum Classic Cryptocurrency mining has been a hot topic this past year and it shows no sign of slowing down. That is something that is even more clear now than ever, considering someone opened a new mining facility in the small town of Littlestown in south-centra
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Coinbase Opens Asset Application Looking For Next Ethereum Classic

This is a follow up to Ethereum Classic addition Coinbase discussed in August 2018.

Since Ethereum Classic’s launch on the Coinbase ap,p the cryptocurrency has had its ups and downs. At launch the trading price of Ethereum Classic hit .92 a coin. The starting price for that day was .25. A .67 jump may be small, but it’s not usual to see a 12.6% jump in price in the traditional stock market. The price hasn’t fared so well though, at the time of this follow up the price of Ethereum Classic sits at .35.


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“I didn’t take part in this offering, the last time I FOMO’d into Bitcoin Cash when it was listed on Coinbase,” Al Romero, Coinbase user, said via phone interview. FOMO is a common term used in cryptocurrency. It means fear of missing out.

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Coinbase though seems to not be stopping adding additional assets to their app and exchanges. Announced via blog, Coinbase has now released a new Asset Listing process.


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Essentially, this opens the floodgates for assets trying to get listed on the platform. Coinbase hopes that this process will allow them to list more currencies over time. To battle the increase in of coin releases on the platform, Coinbase plans on not issuing any news until close to the launch of the offering.

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Those who are looking to get an asset listed here is the link to apply. Below is a brief timeline of coin launches on Coinbase.


Featured Image Source: Oracle Times

Article Posted: 07/31/2021 12:39:01 PM

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